Technology should add Value, not Distractions.

CTO level Guidance, Operational Planning, and Partner Integrations

Strategy & Guidance

There are so many new advances in software, cloud, DevOps, and technology management. To successfully harness all the opportunities that they bring, you need a plan, milestones, and a team that can execute. We provide leadership and innovation based on a combination of proven approaches and targeted leading-edge technologies.
If your company is looking to understand all the opportunities with technology today, and how to take full advantage them, get in touch and see how easy it is to get started!

DevOps Design & Management

When it comes to software and technology, being able to consistently deliver your product or service is key. Trust with your customers and end-users is built by having a reliable and tested product. Our team of experienced DevOps professionals will build automated and efficient processes to ensure you deliver quality and stable software everytime.
DevOps is growing everyday as companies move to build more reliable systems. if your business is ready to expore the possibilities, reach out and see how easy it is to get started!

Vendor Integrations

Whether it is integrating with a payment provider, taking advantage of B2B API's, or automating your inner-office software - Integrations can be a fundamental building block of today's software solutions. With experience integrating with providers, both large and small, we can create custom solutions to streamline your information exchanges.
If the time it takes your data to move between applications is costing your business time and money, call us today and see how easy it is to start automating your integrations!

What are clients are saying...

Ray P.

Business Strategist/Broker

“I highly recommend Temple Logic as a premier company to work with regarding your software development projects. The relationship and ongoing support over the years has been great. I have utilized their services for complex software products as have my clients”

.NET Development

Has development stalled on your Web or Line of Business .NET application? Do you need skilled .NET developers to help out on your project ASAP? We have local .NET certified developers on staff and ready to help!

Cloud Development and Deployment

As certified Cloud technology partners, we can help your business take full advantage of the increased performance, added security, scalable and reliability found when deploying your site or applications to the cloud.

SQL Server Optimization

Before spending tens of thousands on new hardware because of a sluggish application, talk to us about how we can fine tune the database to significantly improve the user experience and productivity!


Our team brings years of analyics experience to help you identify and report on your KPI's, see how interactive dashboards can make it easier to spot trends and have a positive impact on your projects!


With experience in both AngularJS and Angular2+, we can develop and support your companies applications. We bring years of Angular development and support to ensure your applications are well designed and run optimally.

Azure DevOps Management & Training

We provide support and training to help your team leverage the power of Azure DevOps. Let us help automate your builds, releases, and full application lifecycle management.

Mobile Development

We design and support mobile applications with tools such as AdobeXD and Ionic. This helps ensure your mobile applications are available across multiple devices and deliver the native feel that users are used to.

Quality Assurance Testing

Our detailed testing procedures allow us to give you consistent, quality results and ensure that all your requirements have been met and delivered as promised.